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    $5,000+ (Savings / gift / 401k)

    If you could qualify for a mortgage today, would you buy a house?

    Many renters that want to buy a home can’t currently qualify for a mortgage. With that in mind, we launched the Dream America Program to help turn renters into owners. How does it work? We accept applicants that have the income and cash needed for an FHA / VA mortgage, but still can’t qualify because low FICO, divorce, medical bills, self-employment, prior bankruptcy, prior foreclosure or other factors put a mortgage out of reach. Once approved, you pick any house available for sale in your community within your budget, Dream America buys it and leases it back to you. You then go through the Dream America Program to get mortgage-ready. As soon as you qualify for a mortgage, cancel the lease penalty-free and buy your home! And to help you on the journey, Dream America credits 10% of rent paid towards your purchase.

    How it works

    • Once qualified, you will go out with your real estate agent to pick the home you want from any available for sale in your area for $150,000+.
    • Dream America will purchase that home and lease it to you for 12 months.
    • At any time that you qualify for a mortgage, you can cancel the lease penalty-free and buy your home!
    • If you still aren’t ready to buy at the end of the lease, don’t worry! As long as you have been paying your rent on time each month, you can renew for another year.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Dream America Program offers aspiring homeowners the opportunity to pick any home available for sale in their community within an approved budget. Dream America then buys the home you select and leases it to you until you qualify for a mortgage.

    Dream is not involved in selecting your home. The process of selecting a home is virtually identical to the traditional process that you would go through if you had already qualified for a mortgage. The difference is that once you find your home, Dream America will buy it and lease it back to you for 12 months.

    During your lease, you will follow a personalized plan to mortgage-readiness. As soon as you qualify for a mortgage, you can cancel the lease penalty-free and buy your home!

    1) Joining the Dream America Program is a personal decision. Please read the Program guidelines before you Apply

    2) Once approved, pick any home for sale in your community that fits your budget. New construction or re-sale is OK!

    3) Dream America will put an offer on the home you select

    4) If our offer is accepted, we will order a professional inspection. The inspection report will be shared with you

    5) Make required payments to Dream America and sign Program agreements

    6) Closing and Move-in!

    7) Buy your home from Dream America as soon as you are ready

    •  FICO score of 500
    • Household pre-tax income of $4,000/month (applicant + co-applicant, if any)
    •  $5,000+ cash available from savings, 401k, or gift for a $150,000 home. Higher priced homes are eligible, but then more cash is required to qualify
    • Debt to income ratio including Dream rent up to 50%
    •  12-month track record of paying rent on-time
    •  U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident Alien

    No! We have seen it all. For a bankruptcy, you must wait 12 months after the discharge date before joining the Dream America Program. For a foreclosure or deed in lieu, you must wait 24 months. Our guidelines are based on FHA seasoning for a mortgage and we don’t want you to have to rent for more than a year before buying your Dream home.

    Dream America is currently available in major metro areas in FL, GA, and TN. Once you qualify, you can go out with your agent and pick any eligible home that fits your needs.

    • Asking price of $150,000 up to FHA limit ($400,000 max)
    • Single-family home or townhouse (no condo or manufactured homes)
    • New construction or resale
    • Homes built or renovated in the last 15 years. You are responsible for maintaining the home and the last thing we want you to have is big repair bills!

    Except for new construction, we order an inspection on all homes before we purchase them and share the report with you. We then ask the seller to make any necessary repairs.

    The contract to buy your Dream home requires an upfront payment equal to 3% of your future Purchase Price (more on that below). This payment is not a fee because it is credited back to you when you purchase your Dream Home. This ensures that you have funds available towards your down payment and closing costs when you are ready to buy. It also ensures that you are committed to buying your home because you will lose your 3% payment if you don’t buy the home.

    Yes, While VA mortgages have no down payment, you will still have closing costs including a VA fee.

    The longer you continue to rent from Dream, the more you will pay when you buy your Dream home. If you buy it in 6 months, you will pay 6% more than Dream America’s acquisition cost (the acquisition cost is the price today plus Dream America’s closing costs). If you wait 12 months, you will pay 10% more.

    That depends on many factors. The best alternative for you may be to continue to rent and wait to buy in the future once you qualify for a mortgage. But if housing prices continue to rise, you will pay more in a year than you will today. Maybe your lease is ending and you need to move now. And you want to move into your Dream home that you select. Not just another rental. Moving to another rental also means that you will have to move twice in the next year – now and when you qualify for a mortgage. Dream America eliminates the cost and hassle of that extra move.

    Also, you should know that Dream can probably get a better deal today than you can on the home you select. We buy houses with no financing contingency. This makes us more attractive to sellers and generally allows us to get a better deal. The less we pay today, the less you pay in the future.

    You will pay a 1% onboarding fee to Dream America as soon as we are under contract to buy the home you selected.

    Payment is immediately due once Dream America has an accepted offer on the home you select. Please do not start the home search process unless you have funds available. If you are obtaining funds from a 401k or gift from a family member, please discuss that with someone on the Dream team during the application review process.

    Please note, homes with a 12 Month Purchase Price above the FHA limit in your county will require an additional option payment equal to any overage.

    Dream America is not a mortgage lender and acceptance into the Program does not guarantee future mortgage-approval. However, as part of the approval process, your application is reviewed to see if there is a path to mortgage-readiness over the next 12 months. If there isn’t one, we won’t accept you. However, we understand circumstances change. Things happen. That is why your lease contains a renewal option.

    As described above, your Purchase Price is set when your lease begins. We don’t have a crystal ball and don’t know what the appraisal will be in the future. In order to bridge any gap, you can first use the 10% rent closing credit (see above for details). We will also ask the mortgage lender to contribute towards closing. If that doesn’t close the gap and you need to contribute additional funds, Dream America will match your contribution.

    Dream America is turning renters into owners!

    Dream America pays all upfront closing costs which are then included in the Acquisition Price. You will pay all closing costs when you qualify for a mortgage and purchase your Dream home. You can get an estimate of closing costs from a mortgage lender. Please note, your down payment requirement plus closing costs will likely exceed your upfront 3% payment to Dream America. It is important that you save additional funds during the life of your lease towards closing costs.

    You are responsible for maintaining the home during the life of the lease (and thereafter once you purchase it!). Please remember, we order an inspection before we purchase the home and give it to you. If you aren’t happy with the condition of the home, we won’t purchase it.

    As an additional benefit for you, we will insure your home comes with a home warranty, covering appliances, electric, HVAC and plumbing during the life of your lease

    Absolutely! You are free to upgrade the landscaping, paint the walls, install new carpet, etc. in your Dream home. Major construction involving structural changes is not permitted. You need to buy your Dream home first.

    Yes, pets are allowed but pet breed and age must be listed in the lease. A non-refundable $250 pet deposit will also apply. Certain pets may be excluded due to insurance restrictions or community standards.

    NO. Clicked Apply Now to apply.

    Yes! 10% of rent paid will be applied as a closing credit towards your purchase of your Dream home if, and only if, all rent payments are made on time.

    We make this easy for you by collecting rent automatically from your bank account using Clearnow ( on the 1stof each month.

    You are not required to buy your Dream home, but if you don’t use your Purchase Contract before it expires, you will lose the 3% payment.

    However, if after renting for 12 months your plans change and you decide not to buy the home you can ask Dream America to sell it. You must continue to rent on a month to month basis until the house is sold. We will then split any profit from the sale 50% / 50% with you. Please note, buying and selling a home involves many transaction costs. There is no guarantee that there will be any profit to split. The only thing that is guaranteed is that if you don’t buy the home you will lose your 3% payment. All of it.

    As we stated before, Dream America is for aspiring homeowners. It is not a try before you buy program. If you are not 100% committed to becoming a homeowner, please stop reading this now and look for another alternative.

    Dream America wants to see all of its clients purchase their home in the next 12 months.

    However, you may renew your lease and purchase contract for another 12 months if needed. At the time of the renewal, the rent and future Purchase Price will both increase by 5%. Please note, if you pay your rent late two or more times during the initial lease (or Dream files for an eviction even once), the renewal option is voided.

    After you apply, the Dream Team will review your application and ask you to submit supporting documentation showing income and cash available. Once all requested documents are submitted, you should receive an answer within 2 business days.

    Email us at Be sure to include your name and phone number and let us know if you are a potential client or a real estate agent.

    The Dream America Program is designed to turn renters into homeowners.

    If you could qualify for a mortgage today, would you buy a house? If so, the Dream America Program may be for you.

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