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Frequently Asked Questions


If you don not pre-qualify for a mortgage, it may be possible to make adjustments to increase your chances to qualify in the near future. Some things you can work on include: raise your credit score, correct any errors that may be on your credit report, reduce your debt to credit ratio, or save for a higher down payment. Your lender will often work with you and provide advice for improving your chance of mortgage pre-qualification.


There are numerous reasons why you would want to get pre-qualified for a mortgage. First, in today’s competitive market, a pre-qualification shows you are a serious buyer who can secure financing. You’ll stand out from the other offers. In fact, some sellers may even require that every buyer who will be financing has pre-qualification in place. Additionally, when you are pre-qualified it helps you throughout the process because you know what you can spend on a home and keeps you from getting in over your head.


Security and protection of your information are one of our number one concerns and commitment. We use the same high-level of encryption that major banks and financial institutions use to protect the information of their clients. You can also feel confident that we will not resell your phone number or other information. You will only hear from a single lender about the pre-qualification process. If you wish to contact additional mortgage firms, you can make that decision as their contact information will be available to you per your request.


No. Unlike other mortgage sites, your information will not be shared with multiple lenders. You will not be bombarded by phone calls from lenders trying to get your business. Instead, only one highly-qualified lender who works in your area will reach out to you about your home loan pre-qualification. If you wish to contact more lenders, you can always choose to do so.


Most home shoppers have a lender recommended to them by a friend, coworker or real estate agent. This isn’t always the best choice since you don’t have all the information about the broker and the person who recommended the lender won’t guarantee you’ll get the best rate or the best service.


The first step to get a prequalification for a home loan begins by finding a mortgage lender to work with. Our site will help you find a lender who is licensed to work in your area in just a few minutes. Your lender will work with you to pull your credit report and gather basic info about your finances. If you meet the basic requirements for a mortgage, you’ll receive a pre-qualification letter. This states a maximum loan amount that the lender would be willing to let you borrow.


Mortgage pre-qualification is when a lender evaluates your current financial situation to determine if you would qualify for a mortgage and how much the lender would be willing to loan you. Getting pre-qualified is an important step towards buying a home, but it does not guarantee you will get a mortgage. A pre-qualification letter can be submitted when you make an offer on a house as it will show sellers that you are a qualified and a serious buyer.

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