Privacy Policy

HelloBlue Security Policy

We realize the significance of privacy and its vulnerability and sensitivity in current times. Our topmost priority is to safeguard your personal information and we make sure that this goal is achieved through all media currently involved in the security business. You need not to worry for we utilize:

  • Industry-standard physical
  • Electronic
  • Operational

policies and practices to ensure the maximum safety of our clients. We secure highly confidential information behind strong passwords and even then, it cannot be accessed easily; only specific service access points defined earlier are the key to it and to reiterate, they are protected by strong passwords. Hence the information you provide to us is in safe hands.

Privacy Policy

HelloBlue is very particular about the security and safety of the client information. We know that our clients have entrusted us with their personal information and it is more than a duty for us to protect that information with us. We have always prioritized your security; our policies and procedures reinforce our determination to provide our clients with a sense of security while they deal with us. We care about the information of customers: customers, potential customers as well as former customers. This section shares details of our policies just to safeguard your personal information with us.


This policy gives insight into the kind of information we gather from clients and the ways we use it. It also sheds light on what can you control regarding the information transfer to us and also if you want your information to be used in a particular manner. We may request some personally identifiable information, how we plan to use it will be discussed in our policy on the pages we ask you for such information. We shall talk about our security policy too and how we plan to safeguard your information electronically and physically.

Our Privacy Pledges

  • No selling or renting of personal information
  • Sharing of information with employees and companies that provide services on our behalf
  • Requiring all employees and companies who get access to customer’s information through us to protect that information and keep it confidential
  • Applying our privacy policy to all: customers, potential customers, former customers.

Safeguarding personally identifiable information

  • Adopting policies designed to secure your personally identifiable information from misuse or disclosure.
  • Applying physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of personal information and safeguarding it against the unauthorized access.
  • Continuing to assess new technology as to use it to serve our purpose of keeping the information safe with us, i.e. upgrading our technology.
  • Ensuring that only employees who have a business purpose to use such information can have access to your information such as administering and developing services and products.
  • Ensuring that all employees observe our confidentiality policy and safeguard the information of all customers we have ever worked for.

HelloBlue Security Policy

Our priority is to safeguard the information you share with us. For this, we take the necessary steps: industry standard physical and electronic policies and procedures. 

Information we collect about you:

We collect your personal information to serve you with the best financial deals, products, and services according to your interests and do all of it while fulfilling legal requirements. The information we collect is:

  • Identifiable information: name, age, address, phone number, social security number
  • Employment information
  • Financial information such as your assets, income and liabilities, savings, investments, insurance, and business.

We keep your information for as long as your account is active and is necessary to provide you with our services.

Sharing Information to Companies that Provide Valuable Services

We share your information with third parties as permitted by law for the sole reason that they assist us in providing to you, your required services. These third parties include title companies, appraisers, insurance companies, underwriting companies, software companies, and many others. Before sharing the information, we bring these companies under confidentiality agreements and hence make sure that your information is not used for prohibited commercial purposes.

Web Related Information Collection

We use web beacons and pixels tags along with cookies on our website (session cookies and ID cookies). Cookies are used to get statistical data such as which pages are visited, what is downloaded etc. ID cookies are a reliable option to secure privacy since, through them, we can keep a check at what activities are being done on your account and also if anybody is trying to change information on your profile other than you.

California Do Not Track Notice

Under California law, online service providers are required to disclose how to respond to ‘DO NOT TRACK’ service in order to let consumers decide about what information and online activities would be collected and used. The law also requires to know whether we share customer’s personal information to a third party. So far, we do not track customers’ activities over time and former law does not apply to us. 

Compliance with State and Federal Laws

Our privacy policy complies with laws of the state as well as the federal government. We are bound to keep your information for seven years as per the rule of the federal government of recording, recordkeeping, and audits. You may contact your state laws in case our privacy plans do not appear complete to you.

Link to Other Sites

We decide to provide links to other websites according to the quality of information they show at a time. However, those links do not operate under our privacy policy.

We equip our website with Secure socket layer (SSL) technology certification. It enables us to ensure that you visit our website you are actually on our website.


Choose a password with numbers and letters to make it strong. Your password is not shared with any third body or employee hence its safety is maintained.

What You Can Do?

Meanwhile, there are some precautions you can use without any external assistance to protect your privacy. Let’s look at them:

  • Use a strong password.
  • Change your password often.
  • Do not use easily trackable information such as names of family members and birthdays.
  • Install and update antivirus.
  • Make sure to log out and close the browser window after completing a session on our website.

As far as we are concerned, we determine your privacy by asking you to perform certain actions once you log in with your email. These actions are enough to protect your account but can turn useless if other people have access to your email.

You must be extra careful while using a public computer at a café etc. Beware of phishing. It is a tactic where a person is brought to a website that apparently looks genuine but is actually operated by scammers who ask you to log in and hence obtain your information to use your accounts and withdraw money. NEVER provide your login information or better yet make a habit of checking URL to know about a website if its genuine or not.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We may make a change in our privacy policy. Generally, we inform our users about any change in policy via bulk email and also mention it in our newsletter. We take your requests about any change and our processing time is 10 days. Moreover, we have a no-call policy that implies you have an option to instruct us not to call you for commercial purposes. We suggest you to use the web and email to contact us and we will act as per policy. If you choose to opt-out of our emailing network your request will proceed in said time of 10 days, or you can contact and unsubscribe the service via phone. Please note that we handle and share all updates through email, and unsubscribing it might leave you uninformed about some of our future modifications.

Terms of Use

The terms of use agreement govern your activities and usage of HelloBlue website and mobile application. Very important point indeed! Read the policy before proceeding further on our website. We have devised these policies with utmost regard to our services as well as customers; we expect you to read them thoroughly and understand all the terms before you opt for our services. These policies contain all the required legalities in them too.  The website requires you to agree to our terms of use before moving further on this journey with us. It not only gives you access to our products and services but also gives us a legal back up for our work. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO BE BOUND BY THESE TERMS, YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR USE THIS SITE.

This website is not legal or professional advice from an expert but just for general information purposes. One thing must be noted with attention; we at HelloBlue DO NOT provide you and ARE NOT responsible to provide you with legal advice. Hence, the only thing we can do is to publicize our own use of terms so that one can have an idea regarding how things go about in this business.

HelloBlue is not responsible for consequences resulting from any action or inaction regarding the information we provide. We admit that your information is secure with us, and we update it regularly according to the policy, however, we do not guarantee it to be true. This does not have a conflict with our security policy. It can be further explained by a simple fact: we ask you for some information, you provide us with that. Sometime later we request you to update certain information, you give us no response. We will put the information we have of you with other customers’ updated information. Now if you face any consequences because of that,
HelloBlue is not responsible for it. We hope you understand our position.


Back to our original work, what do we do? Well, we make homeowners and homeowners-to-be to meet well-reputed real estate agents and improvement professionals under the roof of HelloBlue in their area.

How we arrange this meeting? Well, first of all, our business is virtual that implies we do not work real estate brokers physically. HelloBlue has a large database of real estate agents and improvement professionals. When we receive an application on our website, we use the information you have provided and find appropriate matches among the profiles of the agents. HelloBlue services is a licensed real estate broker in Georgia but it does not carry out transactions with other states.

One more important fact is that since we have mentioned earlier that your information can be shared with employees and companies who provide services you need. Now when you send an application, we collect your information and send it further to match with your desired agents. In other words, you authorize us to use that information within the domain of our security policies to get uninterrupted and customized services and products for you. Hence, we have made it clear that every information we share anywhere is with the consent of the customer. Our terms of use make sure to keeps it in the records too.

Let’s now talk about our real estate agents. When you, the professionals, join us at HelloBlue via our website, we ask you to fill some additional forms to complete our legal requirements. After you have provided us with the essential information and agreed with our privacy policy and terms of use, you have also authorized us to share your information with our customers as well as, etc. Without always notifying you. You will receive a notification when finally, a match has been decided and negotiations must be carried out about whether the agent and customer like to work with one another.

Changes to Agreement

HelloBlue can always bring about modifications in its services and policies with or without any prior notice. Also, these changes in policies will be in effect immediately after they are passed by the company.


This agreement and resolution of any conflict related to this site or agreement are governed by the state law. Copyrights violation of our logos and products is an offense and can be taken into the court of law.

The information about your location is gathered through Google and its privacy policies are followed in that regard. You can always revoke your consent of letting that information to be used by disabling geolocation.

Use within the United States

This site is reachable for every citizen of the United States. Anyone from any other country will not be given access.

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