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    You can buy a home.

    You can receive down payment funding to cover your down payment and closing costs from a variety of sources within Georgia.

    Unbiased and always free

    Our service is 100% free of charge, with no catch or hidden fees. We'll work with you to get the best down payment assistance, so you can buy the perfect home.

    How much can I get?

    There are hundreds of millions of dollars available to cover your down payment and closing costs to help you buy a home.

    The "Within Reach" grant puts your home within easy reach

    The Within Reach Grant is just like any other mortgage, but with included Down Payment assistance. You have to be able to basically qualify to borrow money for a home purchase from an grant-authorized mortgage lender. You need steady income, a fair to good credit score of 620+, and have to meet certain other conditions. We use this program for zero down home buying for homes, condos and row homes priced at up to $424,100.

    Within Reach Grant Basic Requirements

    • Provides up to 6% in down payment assistance in ALL Georgia Counties for FHA Loans
    • You must earn under 140% of Area Median Income (AMI)
    • You must have a decent to fair Credit Score (640+)
    • Must be primary residence, no Investors
    • Buyer does not need to be first time Home Buyer
    • Can be used with VA Mortgages (4%), FHA Mortgages (4%) and USDA Mortgages (3%)
    • No Prepayment Penalty Fee if loan is paid out early

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    How to Get Pre-approved for a Down Payment Assistance Grant

    If you are interested in the down payment assistance grant, click Get Started to find an Loan Originator to go over your options. They will put together a list of documents required for processing and underwriting.

    Once enough information is gathered, they will run the Automated Underwriting System (AUS) to determine your eligibility. A top licensed Loan Originator will go through the pre-approval process steps and write a pre-approval letter once the eligibility is determined.

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    Ready to start home hunting? Schedule a call and a HelloBlue Home Advisor will be in touch at a time thats convenient to you. We’ll answer your questions and  discuss your options for down payment assistance.

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